I Want to Believe

Although there haven't been any signs of crowd favorite Bigfoot in Kepler in a few months, I have a lot to report in this post. First, an update on potential Mothman activity in the area- a large humanoid figure was spotted by some campers in the Monongahela trees. No footage yet but we'll be getting those drones out soon.
A few of y'all have been asking for updates on that Smokey cryptid I mentioned a few months back. There haven't been any sightings of it since my last update but I did have a potential breakthrough in the last week. During a routine search through the woods I stumbled across a bizarre scene in a cave. There were signs of a large fire though I hadn't heard anything about that in any police blotters in the past few months. The main thing of note was what seemed to be several animal skins stitched together in the cave. Since my interest lies more on the crypto than the zoological side of things I wasn't able to identify all of them but I can tell you they came from multiple species. Whether it's the work of a deranged person or something less human isn't clear yet but I have a feeling it's related to our Smokey.
Strangest of all, there are Feds sniffing around Kepler. I was approached by one but maintained my silence out of loyalty to our cause. This means something big must be going down. Whether it's related to our recent sightings or not I can't say. But I was getting definite Mulder vibes from the agent they sent down and where there's smoke, there's fire. I'll be following through on these leads and keeping you updated as always. And of course, if you want to follow the action in person, you can find me at the Cryptonomica.